About Us

Our team has accomplished various core competencies in Iraq and the United States. Enermax continuously strives in delivering quality services and products to satisfy our customers, all our staff equipped with all necessary tools and knowledge to ensure meeting all our customer’s project’s objectives with time and budget. All employees adhere to the requirements of our quality standards which is based on the requirement of ISO9001:2008


Our people are our value, our employee thrives on the challenge to excel in any environment and their dedication to safety and customer services is our greatest strength. Quality & Technology is the basis for our competitive advantage.

 OUR VALUES ARE CLEAR                                                                                    SAFETY                                                                                                                   INTEGRITY                                                                                                                      TALENT                                                                                                                         QUALITY                                                                                                                      CUSTOMERS SUCCESS                                                                                            RESULTS


Enermax is committed to delivering excellence to our customers in  very thing we do. We treat all our customers in a consistent and transparent way