Procurement & Supply Chain Management 

Enermax’s regional and international procurement expertise and established supplier network provides the best value to our customers. In addition to the Iraqi region, we maintain valued vendor relationships in countries such as the UAE, United States, China, India, Spain, UK, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Italy and Saudi Arabia. Our vetted network of  suppliers, manufacturers and authorized distributors along with our Quality Control program verifies origin, specification, quality, efficiency, half-life and capacity of items procured. Whatever the requirements, from office  supplies or sanitation products; across industries such as oil & gas, or construction; for technical services such as IT outsourcing or specialized lighting systems;  to transportation services such as buses, trucks, or spare parts we have your needs covered. Enermax’s strategic sourcing, material management, contract management, and logistics functions provide our clients with proven supply chain solutions. We appreciate the need for custom requirements giving your organization the exact tools to succeed. If you need it, we can provide it.

Workforce Solutions

As the leading provider of workforce and staffing solutions in Iraq, knows what it takes to succeed as a staffing solutions supplier across all types of business engagements and organizations. Our personnel know firsthand the intricacies of recruiting the right people for the right job. Through our years of experience, we have adapted to changing political conditions and varied requirements in the region experience that has given our clients the leverage of invaluable knowledge about the region’s unique labor requirements, tribal associations and security. Enermax goes beyond just staffing and recruiting to become your strategic longterm business partner, by finding the best talent to best fit your workforce requirements. working as your strategic partner, we provide customized outsourcing solutions, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Life Support
Operation & Maintenance

Enermax presently provides operations & maintenance requirements for our international clients throughout Iraq. Maximizing worker productivity begins with safe and comfortable life support, delicious and nutritious food, ample water and environmental controls (heat and AC), a clean and organized living environment, and adequate diversions and entertainment to maintain positive moral and a healthy mental attitude. Our Life Support Design, Operation, and Maintenance is focused around maximizing productivity and mission effectiveness. Our O&M Services include:
– Man-Camp Construction and Management
– Catering
– Housekeeping
– Laundry
– Information Technology (IT) and Communications Support
– Medical Clinics and Emergency Medical Services
– Power Operations and Maintenance (Electrical and HVAC)
– Fuel, Oil, and Lubrication Supply
– Water Management
– Waste Removal
– Vector Pest Control

Pipes, Fittings, Flanges (PFF) Supplies & Installations

Enermax supplies wide range of PPF for energy industry, oil & gas (midstream & downstream).

– Pipeline Valves (Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves to API 6D & 6A, Double-Block & Bleed Plug Valves, Pipeline Check Valves)
-Gate, Globe & Check Valves
– Wafer Check Valves
– Ball Valves
– Butterfly Valves
– Plug Valves
(Non-Lubricated & Lubricated Design)
– Bellows Seal Valves
– Coker Valves
– Diaphragm Valves
– HF Acid Valves
– Vent Check Valves
– Flow Control Valves
– Knife Gate Valves

Wellhead & Christmas Tree Supplies & Maintenance (5K, 10K, 15K PSI)

Enermax has decades experience of working with wellheads and provides cost effective wellhead maintenance services and, because we’re independent of the major wellhead manufacturers, we have experience of all types of wellhead and wellhead equipment.
– Inspect and/or Repair Lube Cap
– Valve Body Flush and Lube
– Bearing Greasing
– Pressure bleeding / monitoring
– Visual inspections
– Function testing of valves
, chokes and actuators
– Pressure testing of valves and interfaces
– Lubrication

Equipment Rental & Maintenance

With over 50 kinds of equipment in ready stock and affiliations with leading manufacturers, our turn-around time for mission critical equipment is less than 48 hours. From sourcing and delivery to certified technicians, for maintenance and safety checks to advanced diagnostic tools, Enermax offers agile and flexible solutions. Enermax’s average fleet performance efficiency rating is consistently over 95% in even the most austere environments meeting the most stringent requirements. Our customers have come to depend not just on the construction equipment infrastructure we offer, such as mobile cranes and forklifts, and our pool of internationally certified operators; but also, the certified safety and security procedures we use to deliver what you need. Enermax has one of the major crane rental fleets available in Iraq. We have proudly partnered with companies and government entities by supplying the right equipment on-time and with a total commitment to the success of every project. For heavy lifting, rigging and hauling, Enermax has the equipment available to meet your needs 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Crane equipment can be rented bare or with our qualified and trained operators. Our fleet of cranes is maintained in optimized condition by our full-time staff of mechanics ensuring continuous operation when it is needed the most. We provide dedicated service for each account and provide logistical support through our transportation network

Scaffolding Services

Enermax is one of the most safety focused contractors and suppliers of scaffolding services in Iraq. All our scaffolding products and services are thoroughly quality checked and regularly inspected to ensure they are compliant with current legislation. Our access systems are approved for use at some of the most complex and sensitive locations in the world, from busy public spaces such as railway stations and airports to hazardous work sites such as petrochemical refineries and oil rigs

Drilling & Production Chemicals

Our specialist energy team supports you with a comprehensive range of services and products that we source it globally from high quality manufacturer at very competitive cost to provide the best solutions for your operations. We use standard processes based on global best practice and global metrics through which we deliver outstanding performance, high service levels and optimize your supply chain costs. Our product range covers drilling fluids for Oil and Gas Wells, Mud Chemicals, Workover and Completion Fluids, Production Chemicals, Well Stimulation Chemicals and General Utility Chemicals.


Enermax has been assessing, designing,developing and managing mission critical solutions that secure resources and infrastructure for governments and businesses. Our approach integrates resource and infrastructure security to create the safest environment possible, which allows our clients to focus on serving their citizens and customers in Iraq. As an information technology consultant, Enermax implements and integrates information systems and process control services in addition to deploying telecommunications, automated security and access control systems. Enermax is continually enhancing its depth of knowledge and expanding its state-of-the art IT  services to better accommodate clients who know that great technology systems can deliver the superior quality, operational efficiencies and enhanced customer service that provide a distinct competitive edge. Services include: Networking, Structured Cabling and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)